We are located in Guelph, Ontario, and do not charge travel fee's unless your wedding is south of London, or north of Toronto. 

Travel fees?

We ask for a 50% retainer fee that is due within two weeks of the contract signing. The second 50% payment is due two weeks before your wedding date. 


We like to do the editing while the memories of your day are still fresh. Typical turnaround time is  2-8 weeks from your date.

Turnaround Time?

We chose to send all final video's via digital download.. Once all your video's are complete, a link will be sent where you can quickly and easily download your videos.  We will also post your highlight film to our YouTube channel, so you can share it with friends! 

Video Delivery?

Although we haven't had any issues to date, we understand it's important to be prepared. As soon as we get back from your wedding day, all footage is transferred to a computer, then backed up on an external hard drive. For gear, we will always have two weather sealed camera bodies on site in case of equipment failure. If an emergency arises, and your videographer is unable to film your wedding day, we have multiple talented/experienced videographers who can fill in.


When clients confirm they want us for their wedding, the first thing we always do is set up a time to meet (whether face to face or videocall). Here we will discuss details regarding your day, any preferences related to your video, go over a basic contract, and most importantly, get to know you! 

Pre-Wedding Consultation?

Working well with photographers is a priority of ours. At the end of the day, we both have the same goals in mind, and that is to capture as many great moments as possible. We make an effort to stay out of the way, while still getting all the great shots we need. Because the majority of our shots are taken from different angles, it's easy for photographer's to not even know we're there.

How do you work with photographers?

Yes! Although it's not an option in our standard packages, we do provide same day edits upon request. Contact us and we'll provide you with a customized quote based on your needs.

Same Day Edit's?