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Hi, I'm Lucas. 

Avid Golfer. Passionate filmmaker and photographer from Guelph, Ontario. 

Last summer I was lucky enough to golf 30+ times all across Ontario. I love when the opportunity arise to capture things I love, which makes working for golf courses some of my absolute favourite work.


Simple answer - photo's and video's

Golf courses are stunning. Unfortunately, few courses content truly reflects this. Having professional content can represent your course in an attractive way and level up your branding. 


Content is King 

You know how how stunning your golf course is. Your members know how stunning it is too.


As I've become more familiar with golf industry, I've noticed that courses can sometimes struggle to speak the language of the younger generation to attract new golfers. Many of us will make the decision to try out a new course simply by looking at the three photo's that show up when searching on GolfNow, and yet few courses invest in making those photo's truly show the beauty of the course. Because of this, I believe there is tremendous opportunity to take advantage and stand out. 

Investing in quality photo/video content is a perfect building block for an attractive website, and social media content (including social media ads). 

Would love to discuss further - feel free to contact me on email or by phone (, 519-240-1891)


Thanks for your time,


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